Homes for Sale in Brevard County


Selling your home? Focus on these areas to add instant value to your home and bring a faster, better offer.


1.      Curb Appeal

In real estate, people do really judge a book by its cover. If the yard and exterior of the home are not maintained, it does not reflect well on the rest of the care of the home. Some home buyers will avoid going into a property all together just by how the outside looks. That’s why curb appeal is so important. At a minimum the grass must be mowed, trees and bushes trimmed and lawn free of weeds. Try these extra improvements to draw buyers inside: pressure wash pavers, paint the front door, add potted plants and flowers, upgrade lighting, replace house numbers and/or install a new mailbox.


2.      New Paint

Bold isn’t beautiful to all home buyers and the bright colors, nail holes and crayon marks need to go. You’d be surprised how many people get scared off by painting. Fresh, neutral colored interior paint appeals to more buyers and makes your home more “move in ready.” This simple change is an easy way to update your home without spending a lot of money.


3.      Upgrade Fixtures

At the bare minimum make sure there are working, matching light bulbs in every fixture. Increase the wattage to brighten your home. Buyers will notice as they tour your property. For more impact, change your fixtures to more contemporary looking ones. Outdated lighting is a thing of the past. Trade your brass for brushed nickel. The same is true for faucets, handles and hardware. Not sure where to start, upgrade the bathrooms and kitchen. If anything is broken or outdated, replace it. Have a little extra money in the budget for upgrades? Buyers love track and recessed lighting.


4.      Install New Flooring

Home buyers see dollar signs add up when flooring has stains, wear and tear, is mismatched or outdated. Unless your home is priced as a fixer, you stand to gain more by spending the money on replacing carpet or upgrading the floors yourself. If your carpet has to go, pick a low priced neutral carpet with really good padding for a low budget fix that will sell your home faster. In Florida, a popular option is to install new flooring such as tile throughout the home and into the bedrooms.


5.      Minor Repairs

Closet door off track? Blinds broken? Leaky faucet? Minor repairs are a must when listing your home. If anything is broken repair or replace it when you list your home or you will turn off buyers.


6.      Clean

It’s important to have a blank slate and a clean home for new buyers. While you’re packing, de-cluttering and depersonalizing, hire a service to come in and do the dirty work. In addition to the kitchen and baths, make sure to clean curtains and blinds. Also professionally steam clean the carpets and the tile grout. You may even avoid step 4 with a good cleaning!


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